Putting it all “On the Table”



The idea is pretty simple – eating, talking, at least 10,000 Chicagoans and even more great ideas on how we can make our region a better place to live. On May 12, The Chicago Community Trust will celebrate its 99th anniversary. To mark this great occasion, we’re asking Chicagoans throughout the metropolitan area to sit down together at small group meals and put it all “on the table” by having a meaningful discussion about how to make the communities where we live and work stronger, safer and more dynamic.

Just as EveryBlock gives neighbors a place to connect and keep up-to-date on what’s going on in the community, this initiative—called On The Table—aims to give a broader voice and physical forum for Chicagoans to discuss what’s happening in their neighborhoods and the issues that are important to them.

Here’s how it works: visit the website at onthetable2014.com and sign up to participate as either a host or a guest on May 12th. Hosts will be able to choose the format and location of their meal and discussion, so get creative. You can host a potluck, order takeout or cook your favorite comfort food. Guests, bring your appetite and your ideas.

And we encourage you to start and continue the conversation on EveryBlock. Brainstorm some ideas. Start a thread. Offer your comments. Share your thoughts on how to be a better neighbor and how to enhance the Chicagoland region. In short, put it “on the table.”

If you have questions, or need assistance signing up for On The Table, call 866-373-6951 or visit onthetable2014.com.

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