Advertising vs. New Business Posts


We are always excited and happy to see local businesses as part of the EveryBlock community. In fact, information about businesses is one of the most commonly discussed topics on EveryBlock; be it openings, closings, community promotions, or fundraisers.

However, one criteria for removing business-related posts–according to our guidelines –is if it is an advertisement.

An advertisement contains a call to action to spur consumer behavior, such as “shop at my store”, “buy my products”, or “pay for my service”.

When it comes to posting on EveryBlock, a post found to be an advertisement differs from a basic local business post for the reason stated above – a call to action. Local business posts should be used to alert neighbors that there is a new business, promote a community event that the business supports or to ask for or respond to recommendations. There should be no solicitation to buy or sell anything.

If a call to action from a business or service appears in a post, it will be treated as an advertisement and removed.  If you have any questions on the removal policy you can read more here or send the question directly to us here.

We continue to think of how to best support local business and would love your ideas and suggestions.  If you have ANY ideas you would like to share, please let us know in the comments below or send us a note.

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