Drawing Your Own EveryBlock Map


Along with being able to follow neighborhoods, wards, zip codes, and specific streets, you can draw your own custom-location map in EveryBlock. So if you work in Logan Square, live in Humbolt Park and visit two blocks in Bucktown on the weekends, you can draw an all-encompassing map yourself, rather than following each area individually (although you can do that too, if you like). So if you want to make a map of the real ChinatownWestUkraKinzieNobleTown, or something completely random, you can. Just make sure the boundaries of your map don’t overlap.

Neighborhoods, wards, and streets can change or evolve over time. So if you find yourself spending more time in an area that goes beyond traditional boundaries, try drawing some up for yourself. As always, you’ll see neighbor messages, media mentions, and public data for the locations you’ve outlined. To see a list of maps that users have already created, click here. If you want to try drawing one for yourself, have at it.

EB Draw Map

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