The Beauty and History of Park Manor/Chatham.


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Park Manor/Chatham is the oldest African American Community in the USA! Our community has produced two Mayors and Two County Board Presidents for the City of Chicago. The resilience of our people to remain optimistic in the face of economic downturn and still fight for a peaceful, quality of life is testament to the beauty of this area and the strength of its residents.

My story centers around this Park Manor-Chatham existence as my being a life long resident since the late 50’s. As I look at our community today there has been many changes in people but NOT the quality of homes and people who work hard to keep them up. We strive today to build economic development in a changing demographic. Developers should run to our area and it is a jewel in the rough. The Mayor should strive to keep his promises and continue to build new developments in this wonderful area. The photo tells it all – We work for our youth who will take up the torch. Only by education and opening new opportunities for jobs will our community continue to survive.

-Cece Edwards


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