Which States and Cities Have Chief Data Officers?


We’ve worked closely with the Chicago Chief Data Officer in implementing Open311 data into EveryBlock, and have worked with other CDOs around the country. GovTech has an interactive map of the state and local governments who have CDO positions. It shows the growing value of open data initiatives and the need for innovation.

In 2010, Colorado became the first state to appoint a chief data officer (CDO). A year later, New York City pioneered the position in local government.

Since then, the ranks of CDOs in state and local government have grown steadily, driven by expanding interest in predictive analytics, civic hacking and performance measurement. Research by Government Technology located more than a dozen CDOs in states and localities across the U.S. And that number seems poised to multiply as governments seek to harness the power of big data.

Read more: http://www.govtech.com/state/Which-States-and-Cities-Have-Chief-Data-Officers.html

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