Removing Posts for Privacy Reasons


At EveryBlock we take issues of privacy very seriously, and in some cases, our moderation team is faced with the decision of whether or not to remove posts on the grounds of privacy violations.

If an EveryBlock user posts another user’s personal information, such as a private address or phone number, without the user’s permission, that is a violation of our community guidelines and grounds for removal.

If the user posts personal information that may be public knowledge, but does not include a link to an official news story or police report, that is grounds for removal as well. Unless the user has done their due diligence to provide the info from an official source, we’re going to assume that absent any links, the information is hearsay.

Although this can be a gray area, we still try to follow this simple practice: if it’s a violation of our guidelines, remove. If not, keep it up. In practice, we do not edit or alter posts and in the few situations when we do, we always notify the user. Often times, if we delete a post, we will message the user telling them what was wrong, and that they are free to repost if they fix said problem.

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