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On EveryBlock: Popular Posts of the Week


It’s been a great week for us, and hopefully for you all as well! Here are some of the top conversations happening on EveryBlock. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Acts of Kindness: Feral Cat Colonies

Those Pesky Phone Books 

Powered by People: Why Bike?

Rogers Park in Perspective

The Best Fish and Chips in the City

A Couch in the Middle of a Public Park? 


On EveryBlock: Thursday


It’s been a great week thus far, and here are some of the top EveryBlock threads.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

Springtime on EveryBlock


For those suffering from a case of the Mondays, here’s a feel-good question from the EveryBlock Community:

What are you looking forward to this spring? (Click here for the EB thread.)

Our thoughts:

  • No More Snow
  • Sunshine
  • Blockbuster Films
  • Outdoor Sports
  • No Rain (good luck with that one!)
  • Sidewalk Cafes & Eateries
  • Flowers and Gardening

Have a great week everyone!


March Madness: EveryBlock Week in Review


Happy Friday! As the final weekend of March begins, here’s a roundup of some of the top EveryBlock conversations of the week.

Hawks Attacking Pigeons in Avondale

Improving the Irving-Austin Business District 

President Carter at the Swedish Museum

The Good Old Days of Six Corners

Vet Recommendations in the 45th

Have a good weekend everyone! And if you’re looking for something to do – you can always check out EB’s event listings.

Drawing Your Own EveryBlock Map


Along with being able to follow neighborhoods, wards, zip codes, and specific streets, you can draw your own custom-location map in EveryBlock. So if you work in Logan Square, live in Humbolt Park and visit two blocks in Bucktown on the weekends, you can draw an all-encompassing map yourself, rather than following each area individually (although you can do that too, if you like). So if you want to make a map of the real ChinatownWestUkraKinzieNobleTown, or something completely random, you can. Just make sure the boundaries of your map don’t overlap.

Neighborhoods, wards, and streets can change or evolve over time. So if you find yourself spending more time in an area that goes beyond traditional boundaries, try drawing some up for yourself. As always, you’ll see neighbor messages, media mentions, and public data for the locations you’ve outlined. To see a list of maps that users have already created, click here. If you want to try drawing one for yourself, have at it.

EB Draw Map

Sharing Flickr Photos on EveryBlock


You may have noticed local photos posted to Flickr appearing in your EveryBlock Timeline. If you’ve taken photos in your neighborhood and have a Flickr account, you can follow these steps to share your photos.

1. Log in to your Flickr account. Flickr is owned by Yahoo, so if you have a Yahoo ID, that’s your Flickr login.

2. Go to the Organize page by clicking on the You menu and selecting Organize. From there, click on the Map tab on the upper right.

EB Flickr Organize

3. Search for the address related to your image in the search bar in the upper right. The map will pan to the vicinity of the address that you entered. If it found the exact address, a green circle will appear.

EB Flickr Map

4. From the bottom drawer, drag and drop any images related to that address onto the map. Drop your images into the green circle if it’s there, otherwise just use your best judgment and drop it where you think it belongs.

Flickr 3rd photo

EveryBlock only retrieves Flickr images tagged to the address level. That means if you tag your images with something overly broad, like “Chicago”, or you don’t zoom in far enough when following the above process, those images will not appear on EveryBlock, even if they appear on your map inside Flickr.

If you have geocoded images in Flickr, but would like to exclude them from EveryBlock, you can modify your account settings to do so. On Flickr, hover over your avatar in the upper right and select Settings. From there, click the Privacy & Permissions tab. Then find the option “Hide your stuff from public searches” and click the “edit” link for that line. Then, click the checkbox for “Hide your photos from searches on 3rd party sites that use the API, including Yahoo! Image Search” and click the Save button. From then on, none of your photos will appear on EveryBlock.

Flickr 4th photo

On EveryBlock: Week in Review


Happy Spring! As the winter weather (hopefully) bids us adieu, here are some of the top conversations of the week on EveryBlock.

Big tooth on Logan Blvd…or is it a lightbulb?

Moving to Chicago – Thoughts on Rogers Park

Where People are Placing their Pups

Litter in Lakeview: How to Help

The Best (and most affordable) Couches in the City

Have a great weekend!

What’s Popular on EveryBlock?


What are some of the top discussions happening this week on EveryBlock?

Here are a few of the popular conversations in Chicago over the past few days on EveryBlock:

As the weather starts to turn, one EveryBlock user starts to organize a spring cleanup:

Discussing the concerns that Black Birds are bringing to Chicago:

Ever heard of the dog park in Uptown?

Know a vegetarian or vegan looking for a place to eat in Ravenswood?


The Buzz in Chicago This Week


What are some of the top discussions happening this week on EveryBlock?

Discussion of some local tee-ball options for kids in Chicago:

What route do you take to get to the airport?

One Logan Square resident starts a discussion about the desire to add a grocery stores to the region:

ryan the dog

The Tale of Ryan, a lost Shepherd Mix

All week, starting on Monday, EveryBlock has been buzzing with posts about Ryan, a lost shepherd mix



Thursday spotting:


Thursday Night: Around 11 p.m Ryan was found!!

The outpouring of support searching for this dog was truly wonderful to see!





Popular This Week in Chicago


What are some of the top discussions happening this week on EveryBlock?

EveryBlock is buzzing with the news that Jewel-Osco was planning to add more stores.

The Logan Square community on EveryBlock helps to find the owner of two pups!

The ongoing debate continues for where to find the best Pizza in the Lincoln Square/North Center area.

Do the potholes in Chicago seem worse than ever this year?

Discussion of the bike sharing system, DIVVY, and the use of public spaces:

What was your favorite conversation this week? Let us know in the comments!

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