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Popular in Chicago: August 8th Edition


Happy Friday! Here are some of the happening threads on EveryBlock Chicago for the week.

When are Divvy stations coming to Rogers Park?

Thinking of moving to Bronzeville? Read what it’s like.

Metra vs. The Red Line

Local barbershop recommendations: here and here.

To Portage Park gardeners: What’s blooming right now?

Finally, there’s a turtle on the loose in Jefferson Park.

Have a great weekend!

Popular in Chicago: August Edition


Happy August! Hope everyone had a good week. Here are some of the happening threads on EveryBlock Chicago for the week.

A new Netflix series is being filmed in Ravenswood.

Watch out for skunks. And rats. And coyotes.

You know where to donate clothing, baby formula – this week, scrap metal.

Poll: Do you feel safe on the CTA?

Finally, What is the puppet bike?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Popular in Chicago: July 25th


Happy Friday! Here are some of the week’s happening threads on EveryBlock.

Extension of the Brown Line Project – Discussion.

The last few weeks was clothing, this week, learn where to donate baby formula.

Rooster on the loose in Rogers Park

Building on corner of California and Altgeld – What was it?

Three Things You’d Like To See In Andersonville

Lots of stores leaving the west side of Lincoln Ave – Thoughts on why.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Site Maintenance Update


Update: The site is back online and fully functional as of 12:00 p.m.

EveryBlock site maintenance work is still ongoing. We will notify you when we are fully back online. Thank you for your continued patience!

Popular In Chicago: July 18th


Happy Friday! Here are some of the happening threads on EveryBlock this week:

Don’t get ticketed - learn the rules for street cleanings.

Bicyclists in Lakeview

Places to donate clothing: click here and here for ideas.

New to Bucktown? Welcome!

Please let people exit the train before boarding.

And finally, for laughs only.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Site Maintenance


EveryBlock will be down for site maintenance starting Saturday, July 19th at 9 p.m. EST, and will be back online on Sunday, July 20th.

We appreciate your patience, and thank you for continuing to be a part of the EveryBlock community.

Popular in Chicago: July 11th


Hope everyone had a good week! Here are some of the happening threads on EveryBlock for the past week.

How did the turtle cross the road? (In Albany Park.)

Proposed residential development in Jefferson Park

Free up some shelf space - places to donate used books.

Got any suggestions for good jogging routes in Irving Park?

Chocolate Croissants

Ideas for Building Community in Logan Square

A continued thanks to everyone who supports the EveryBlock community and makes it a place to discuss issues of all kinds. Have a great weekend!

Removing Posts for Privacy Reasons


At EveryBlock we take issues of privacy very seriously, and in some cases, our moderation team is faced with the decision of whether or not to remove posts on the grounds of privacy violations.

If an EveryBlock user posts another user’s personal information, such as a private address or phone number, without the user’s permission, that is a violation of our community guidelines and grounds for removal.

If the user posts personal information that may be public knowledge, but does not include a link to an official news story or police report, that is grounds for removal as well. Unless the user has done their due diligence to provide the info from an official source, we’re going to assume that absent any links, the information is hearsay.

Although this can be a gray area, we still try to follow this simple practice: if it’s a violation of our guidelines, remove. If not, keep it up. In practice, we do not edit or alter posts and in the few situations when we do, we always notify the user. Often times, if we delete a post, we will message the user telling them what was wrong, and that they are free to repost if they fix said problem.

July 4th on EveryBlock.


Happy (early) 4th! Hope everyone has something fun planning for the holiday. Here are some of the Independence Day themed-threads on EveryBlock.

Love fireworks? Here’s a list of locations, and here, and here.

Hate fireworks? Here’s how to handle the noise, smell, and aftermath.

Heading outside Chicago? Here’s how to cope with the traffic.

There are parades happening tomorrow, too…

…as well as some World Cup games.

Finally, keep track of your pets. Apparently, tomorrow is an easy day for them to get lost.

Have a safe and happy time!

Regarding Multiple EveryBlock Accounts


One issue that is consistently brought to our attention is the issue of EveryBlock users operating multiple accounts with different user names. The users in question could then use their multiple accounts to gang up on those with differing viewpoints, or to drive threads off-topic that the user might not agree with.

We take the issue of multiple accounts very seriously. Since having multiple EveryBlock accounts is a violation of our community guidelines, we appreciate those of you who have sent us feedback on the issue. We believe in partnership and encourage input from users like you to help keep the community productive and informative.

When submitting feedback regarding multiple accounts, as with any violation of the community guidelines, please provide us with examples of the violation, such as specific threads or comments. Our moderation team will then investigate and take the appropriate action.

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