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Comcast Big South Press Conference



Please join Comcast for a special announcement with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal regarding new jobs and a new regional headquarters.

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EveryBlock Daily Digest Email Update


Hello EveryBlock Users,

Over the weekend we discovered that links in the daily digest emails were generating errors. We have resolved the problem and the daily digest is functioning properly.

The Philly and Chicago EveryBlock sites are fully functional, and were not impacted by this issue.

Please let us know through the feedback form if you experience any issue using EveryBlock.

We apologize for any inconvenience,

-The EveryBlock Team

EveryBlock Daily Digest Email Announcement


Hello EveryBlock Users,

We understand that the links included in the Daily Digest emails are
generating errors. We are aware of the issue, and are working to resolve

The Philly and Chicago EveryBlock sites are fully functional. Please visit
your metro to view the content.

We will provide updates when they become available.

We apologize for any inconvenience,

-The EveryBlock Team

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EveryBlock is back online


EveryBlock is back online following some DNS issues – thank you to everyone for your patience.

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Knight-Mozilla Fellows take on era of ‘no excuses,’ public data demands


Great article from the Knight Foundation on the work that Knight-Mozilla Fellows are doing on public data analysis – and making that data accessible and understandable for everyone.

In newsrooms around the globe, data experts are embracing daily challenges from their ever-demanding, increasingly info-savvy audience.

The third class of Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellows is developing solutions to these demands in seven newsrooms: Internews in Kenya, La Nacion, The New York Times,  ProPublica, The Texas Tribune and The Washington Post. Each fellow creates tools that empower journalists and citizens to access complicated relationships hidden in the untouched stacks of data and research. Mozilla initiated the program in 2010, and Knight Foundation has supported it since 2011.

Read more:

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Open Data and the World Cup


For the hybrid World Cup/Open Data fans, Socrata has a fun graphic up on the number of injuries and time spent writhing on the ground per team.

To see the visualization, click here:

And for the original WSJ article that prompted the chart:

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On EveryBlock: Popular Posts of the Week


It’s been a great week for us, and hopefully for you all as well! Here are some of the top conversations happening on EveryBlock. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Acts of Kindness: Feral Cat Colonies

Those Pesky Phone Books 

Powered by People: Why Bike?

Rogers Park in Perspective

The Best Fish and Chips in the City

A Couch in the Middle of a Public Park? 


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Drawing Your Own EveryBlock Map


Along with being able to follow neighborhoods, wards, zip codes, and specific streets, you can draw your own custom-location map in EveryBlock. So if you work in Logan Square, live in Humbolt Park and visit two blocks in Bucktown on the weekends, you can draw an all-encompassing map yourself, rather than following each area individually (although you can do that too, if you like). So if you want to make a map of the real ChinatownWestUkraKinzieNobleTown, or something completely random, you can. Just make sure the boundaries of your map don’t overlap.

Neighborhoods, wards, and streets can change or evolve over time. So if you find yourself spending more time in an area that goes beyond traditional boundaries, try drawing some up for yourself. As always, you’ll see neighbor messages, media mentions, and public data for the locations you’ve outlined. To see a list of maps that users have already created, click here. If you want to try drawing one for yourself, have at it.

EB Draw Map

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Staying Civil on EveryBlock


Along with going off-topic and trolling, another issue that arises on EveryBlock is that even if the content of a comment is on-topic, a negative tone is just as alienating. Someone could post a logical answer to a query, or give sound information, but if that person comes off as rude or brusque, then readers might not even notice that they, in fact, answered the question. Good “netiquette” is an evolving process, but the main point is that, as with any dialogue, pay attention to not only what you say, but how you say it.

There’s an old, yet relevant New York Times op-ed on the power of internet comments. Check it out here:

We hope that conversations on EveryBlock will continue to help improve neighborhoods through the spread and discussion of local information. But remember to stay on-topic and stay civil. For more information on how to post, please visit our Comment Policy.

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The Negative Effects of Trolling


No matter what type of thread, some EveryBlock (and indeed, internet) users will deliberately try to stir up conflict by writing something off-topic or offensive. These types of users are commonly referred to as “trolls”.

Recently, Slate published an article on Internet Trolling. Trolling not only throws threads off-topic, but diminishes the value of the discussion and antagonizes those who want to make meaningful contributions. We try our best to stay out discussions, and only intervene in the event that posts contain personal attacks or have nothing of value to add.

Along with our own moderation, we look to dedicated EveryBlock users to help us flag those types of users either by using the Unneighborly button, or sending us Feedback.

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